Valuations and
Rent Reviews

KroesePaternotte performs appraisals and rent price revisions, specialized in retail. We do this on behalf of a wide range of different clients, including private investors, institutional investors, governments and financing banks.

All our transactions and the knowledge and experience we have acquired concerning our intermediary services in the letting and investment markets, together with our ongoing research activities, have enabled us to build up a very extensive database with details on rent review procedures (article 7:303 BW), initial yields, supply and demand and property information. With all this information KroesePaternotte. can carry out a portfolio analysis very quickly and advice clients on yield improvements and RICS analysis at individual property level. We carry out these rental price revisions in the A1 shopping areas of the Netherlands, but we also include supermarkets, large-scale retail spaces and turnover lease contracts.
Our core elements in carrying out the valuations are quality, integrity and monitoring the valuation process. We monitor quality and integrity through the regulations of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the Dutch Register of Real Estate Appraisers (NRVT) and the Dutch Association of Real Estate Agents (NVM) implemented by our organization.

The valuation process is guaranteed by the internationally recognized ISAE 3402 type II standard. This standard focuses on the control of internal processes and associated control measures with the aim of risk management and compliance with relevant legislation and regulations (RICS, NRVT and NVM). Our team consists of seven driven professionals who all have the required accreditations. Our appraisers have a great deal of feeling within this segment due to years of experience in the retail sector and are therefore perfectly able to identify opportunities and threats.