Since 1984, KroesePaternotte is the specialist in retail real estate for the Dutch market.

Every day our people work to maintain this reputation across all physical locations where consumers like to shop and tills collect money, such as high streets, shopping centres and every other type of retail location.


Leasing and letting

KroesePaternotte is the retail specialist in the Netherlands. The KroesePaternotte team is in daily contact with retailers, owners, developers, municipalities and other stakeholders


For almost four decades KroesePaternotte has acted as a mediator in real estate, being involved with almost all major retail investment transactions in the Netherlands. Our experience and expertise allow us to achieve an investment transaction swiftly and in a practical manner.

Valuations and rent reviews

KroesePaternotte performs valuations and rental price revisions, whereby we are specialized in retail. We do this for a wide range of clients, including private investors, institutional investors, governments and financing banks.


KroesePaternotte researches trends and developments in the Dutch real estate market with a strong focus on retail. Through data analysis, customized market research and specified forecasts, we constantly reach valuable insights that contribute to appropriate substantiation for real estate decisions.


Winkelwijzer App

The Winkelwijzer: from
a heavy book to an App

The Winkelwijzer is a book containing 100 detailed maps of all A1 retail towns and cities in the Netherlands. KroesePaternotte compiled it for national and international retailers and investors.