For Rent | Retail space

Amsterdam, Scheldestraat 13.

Rental price
EUR 32.995.21,-- per annum, to be increased with Dutch VAT.
approx. 94,4 sqm g.f.a.
Front width
approx. 10 meters

The Scheldestraat is one of those streets that gives Amsterdam its unique character, located in the popular district Rivierebuurt. What makes the Scheldestraat so special is the eclectic mis of shops, boutiques and eateries that adorn the street. From artisan bakeries to boutiques with exclusive clothing. A true paradise for the people who love shopping. There are small businesses in the short stretch between the Amstelkade and Churchillaan. The large stretch of the street to Europaplein mainly consists of more expensive restaurants with a variety of cuisines. In addition to the vibrant commercial acitvities, the Scheldestraat also plays a role in the local community. Local residents come together ere and local events give the street an extra dose of liveliness.


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